Monday, February 20, 2012

Step Four: Closing

Closing was actually pretty anticlimactic.  We did a walkthrough of the house, to ensure that everything looked right, that the sellers had cleared out their belongings and everything was in order.  There were no problems.  We then went to the settlement where we signed a few papers, wired the money and left.  I had expected closing to be a long drawn out process, but we were done in less than an hour, and most of that was waiting for the wire to clear, which apparently happened much more quickly than normal.  So, no hiccoughs, and suddenly we were homeowners.
We met our next door neighbor and learned a lot more about the state of the septic system.  Apparently it stinks and overflows and the now former owners were living in some pretty unsanitary conditions.  While we weren't happy to learn just how bad the system was, we were glad that we decided not to move in until the new home is built.  Our neighbors seemed nice and were obviously thrilled that we would be fixing the place (and septic system) up.  Good to know that we don’t have big shoes to fill as neighbors. . .   
Since we would not be occupying the place, owning a home didn’t feel much different, other than our now empty bank account.  We installed locks on the doors and gate and lowered the heat to 55°.  We called the electric company so we would have power on the site and ordered oil for the heater, since there was almost none left.  We turned off the water and drained the house, to prevent frozen pipes if the heat failed at some point.  We notified the post office of our names so we would get any mail sent to us at the new address, even though it’s mostly spam at this point. 
Then we started planning for our dream home.

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